Unembedded: Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting

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Because of the loss of its Canadian Air Force distribution and the cost-cutting atmosphere of the military community, Scott Taylor and his wife decided to convert their magazine to a newsstand monthly. The new magazine would feature mainly current military news and Canadian military history.

Taylor, Scott 1960-

The magazine continued to retain its seat-back distribution with Air Canada military charters and Scott Taylor began to hire staff in order to help fill their new eighty-four page format. In , Esprit de Corps ran a controversial article, in which they interviewed the recently resigned vice-Admiral Chuck Thomas, recognizing and supporting Thomas, who had claimed that the Canadian Forces were not properly prepared for the future.

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As a result, the Department of National Defence ordered Air Canada to cease distribution of Esprit de Corps aboard their military charter flights. S was on the verge of major action against mujahedeen fighters. At a quarter past on September 7, Taylor and Zeynep met with an Iraqi police checkpoint, planning to get directions to their contact in Tal Afar, Doctor Jashar.

Press at War - Why Journalist Deaths Increased in the '90s

They were directed to a waiting car filled with masked gunmen, whom they believed to be Iraqi Special Forces. They were driven by the masked gunmen to a resistance safe house, where they were kidnapped by Ansar al-Islam , a radical Islamist group and accused of being spies. Scott and Zeynep were held captive for five days by the Mujahedeen in which they were transported to numerous resistance sites, tortured for information, threatened with execution and continually beaten. On September 12, Mujahedeen agents threw Scott Taylor into an awaiting cab in northern Iraq with next to no money and abruptly released him, having negotiated a release with the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Zeynep Tugrul, who had been released earlier.

War correspondents--Canada--Biography. : Toronto Public Library

His release created a wave of international media attention, granting him interviews in which he told the story of his kidnapping. He works at Esprit de Corps office as the publisher. He also plays for the Esprit de Corps Commando's hockey team as a right winger.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since August , Scott has made a total of 21 trips into Iraq to report on the effects of the UN sanctions, the ravages of depleted uranium following the Gulf War, and the heightening tensions with the United States. Following the swift U. Then, for five harrowing days in September , he experienced the rare occasion when "getting the story becomes the story.

He then returned to Iraq in in order to brief the U. The Minute Landlord.

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