The Legal Imagination

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Failures of the Legal Imagination

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Search within Abstract and Keywords Two claims are made by Veit Erlmann in his chapter on sound and violence in the legal imagination. All rights reserved.

The Legal Imagination - Atelier Spontaneite

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Cancel Save. James Boyd White born is an American law professor, literary critic , scholar and philosopher who is generally credited with founding the " Law and Literature " movement and is the preeminent proponent of the analysis of constitutive rhetoric in the analysis of legal texts.

James Boyd White

White attended Amherst College , from which he graduated in with a B. At Michigan, White is the L. White's most well-known book, The Legal Imagination , was published in That book was designed essentially as a textbook for students studying legal language.

In The Legal Imagination, literary and other texts are compared to legal texts in the way they "constitute" the identities of characters and the meanings of concepts.