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Law for Healthcare Providers

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In particular, Law for Healthcare Providers is useful as it: Outlines current Canadian laws and policies related to healthcare Includes helpful tables and charts that highlight key concepts and information Provides a list of further reading at the end of each chapter This reference book would be useful for: Healthcare practitioners and professionals as a reference guide for doctors, nurses, medical students, hospital and facility staff who need to quickly identify legal issues and determine next steps Academics as it can serve as a resource for medical and nursing students who need to understand the medical legal landscape Health law lawyers who want an up-to-date resource that addresses the issues they face on a regular basis In-house lawyers in the medical industry as it acts as a resource that lawyers can rely on for the most current information related to health law.

Featured authors. Erin Nelson Erin Nelson, B. View all books by Erin Nelson 2. View all books by Ubaka Ogbogu 1. Table of contents. Chapter 1: Indigenous peoples and health care 1. Introduction 2. A brief background on Indigenous health in Canada 3. The legal framework for Indigenous healthcare 4.

Social determinants of health 5.

Business-focused legal analysis and insight in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide

The need for culturally safe care 6. Indigenous involvement in healthcare delivery 7. Conclusion 8.

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  • Further reading Chapter 2: Medical negligence 1. The Elements of negligence 3. Duty of care 4. Standard of care 5. Injury or harm 6. Causation 7. Defences to medical negligence 8. Institutional liability 9. Professional regulation Conclusion Further readings Chapter 3: Consent and informed consent 1. Sources of Consent Law 3. Obtaining Consent: Express and Implied Consent 4.

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    Exceptions to the Consent Requirement 5. Autonomy and Consent 6. Withdrawing Consent 7. Elements of Consent 8. Informed Consent 9.

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    Conclusion Chapter 4: Health information and medical records 1. What is health information? Health information versus medical records 4. Why is health information protected by law? How is health information protected by law? Who do health information statutes apply to? Identifying versus non-identifying information 8.

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