The 100 Most Influential Woman of All Time

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Gabriella is an international award-winning soprano and founder of a project to celebrate and highlight female composers.

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Xiomara uses her business connections to identify and fight sexual exploitation and raise awareness of the issue in Nicaragua. Chidera is a best-selling author and activist behind the social media movement saggyboobsmatter, driving new conversations about perceptions of women's bodies. Nicole was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at the age of 30, and now supports other women who are experiencing early menopause. Raghda is a record-breaking free-diver, who descends to extreme depths without breathing apparatus.

Mamitu is now an internationally certified fistula surgeon, after being treated for fistula an injury which can occur in childbirth herself.

The 100 Most Influential Women of All Time

Meena has worked with other women in the Sundarbans delta to build a brick road to make their village more accessible. Fabiola is a particle physicist and became director general of Cern, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Julia was Australia's first female prime minister and now promotes education and leadership for women and girls. Elena campaigns against forced sterilisation and works to return institutionalised children to their birth families. Randi challenged critics of equal pay for women in ice hockey, using data that proved they were as popular on social media as the men.

She also scored the first goal for the United Korea Olympic team at the Games.

Janet is a working mother of five children and an altruistic surrogate who is pregnant with her second surrogate baby. Jessica is a consecrated virgin - vowing perpetual virginity as a bride of Christ - who teaches high-school theology classes and serves as a vocational adviser.

Thando is a diversity and inclusion advocate. Cast in the Pirelli calendar , she is the first person of colour in South Africa to have featured in the publication. Hindou is an indigenous woman of Chad, advocating for the protection of the environment and for the rights of indigenous peoples on an international scale. Reyhan is a young entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rainergy, a company that harvests energy from rainwater.

Liz is a swimmer who won Gold at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, and has set up a recruitment agency which aims to close the disability employment gap.

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Lao led the Laos women's national rugby team to historic international victories, and is the first Hmong woman to earn her rugby coach licence. Joey works as a model and presenter across Asia, and she and her partner Angelina Mead King appeared in a documentary which chronicled the couple's journey when Angelina came out as transgender. Krishna was elected to the Pakistan Senate after campaigning for women's rights, having previously been forced into bonded labour for three years. Marie has created a platform for women to share stories of street harassment, after a video of her calling out her harasser went viral on social media.

Veasna was the first woman to study law at Cambodia's Royal University of Law and Economics, and lived in a basement space beneath the college due to a lack of female dorms.

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The BBC's women list is a triumph - but where is Madonna?

Ana was appointed head of a unit investigating cases of femicide in and earlier this year was named El Salvador's women and femicide special prosecutor co-ordinator. Nanaia has served in the New Zealand parliament for 22 years and was the first female parliamentarian to wear a Maori face tattoo. Sakdiyah is Indonesia's first female Muslim stand-up and uses comedy as a way to challenge Islamic extremism and violence against women. Lisa is a Northern Irish playwright and the writer and creator of Derry Girls, Channel 4's most-watched comedy since Kirsty set up 4Louis, a charity that provides memory boxes for bereaved parents, after her own son Louis was stillborn.

Jacinda Ardern among record number of women on Time's '100 most influential people' list for 12222

Becki has a disability and researches inequalities experienced by disabled domestic abuse survivors, and advises refuge services on being more inclusive. Ruth is a female welder who lives in an urban slum community and aspires to be a role model for young women in the construction industry. Yanar runs a network of shelters to help survivors of abuse in Iraq and has helped more than women leave violent situations.

Joseline works in communities to help educate girls and young women about sex and relationships, and strives to end forced marriages. An electronic book ebook is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers, tablets, and smartphones. After successfully logging into your bookshelf, click on the "Read Online" hyperlink to read the title online using a browser.

Through the ages women have had to fight to be taken seriously, have their work accepted, and be considered the equal of men intellectually and creatively.

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This book tips its hat to women such as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Sojourner Truth, and Princess Diana, who have made their mark and forever changed the world with their contributions. Chicago: Britannica Educational Publishing, Only the headline has been changed.

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