Successful Turkey Hunting

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Successful Turkey Hunting

Having gear ready the night before or days before allows me to gain a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning and ensure that I remember everything I need. There have been several occasions when I get to the field and realize I forgot to grab my tags. Which resulted in me having to turn around to get them and be late getting to my spot. The essentials that I gather and have ready are:.

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Turkey Vest : I cannot go anywhere without my vest. Gun: I use the Winchester SX4. I keep both the gauge and gauge ready to go as I try to get my dad out with me as often as possible - which is typically only a few days as the farm never sleeps! Decoys: These are another item on my list, but not a must have.

If I am hunting timber, I will typically leave the decoys at home or will just carry a strutting decoy. However, if I am setting up on a field, I will set out decoys about yards from where I sit. Set Up.

Setting up in close proximity to the roost will certainly increase odds of sealing the deal, but it is not guaranteed as anything can happen. More times than not, things just find a way of going the opposite as planned. When setting up in the morning, I like to go in early and approach my spot as quietly as possible; walking slow to be sure of my steps.

Unsung Secrets of Successful Turkey Hunting | Missouri Department of Conservation

I do my best not to use a flashlight as I do not want to unnecessarily spook any roosted birds. Prepare Your Turkey for Dinner. Now is the time to clean the turkey, call up all your friends and Google search all those delicious recipes! So… there you have it… the Boxler tips and tactics for having a fun and hopefully successful turkey season!

The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories

Division biologists, in cooperation with the NJ Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation , reintroduced wild turkeys in with the release of 22 birds. In biologists and technicians began to live-trap and re-locate birds to establish populations throughout the state.

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  • 2) Know your terrain and be familiar with the playing field..
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By the population was able to support a spring hunting season, and in December, , a limited fall season was initiated. There is now an abundance of wild turkeys throughout the state with turkeys found wherever there is suitable habitat. In South Jersey, where wild turkeys had been struggling just a few years ago, intensive restoration efforts have improved population numbers significantly.

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The statewide population is now estimated at 20, - 23, turkeys with an annual harvest of approximately 3, birds. Youth turkey hunters aged 10 to 16 with a Youth License can obtain a "Y" permit which allows them to hunt in any hunting period in the zone that they obtain a permit for during the spring season.

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Youth hunters aged 10 to less than 14 must be under the supervision of a licensed adult who is at least 21 years of age. The adult does not have to have a turkey permit, but they do have to have a regular license. This regulation applies until the youth takes a turkey. After taking a turkey, the youth is subject to the same hunting period and zone restrictions as an adult.

There is also the special statewide Youth Turkey Hunting Day each year. Spring turkey permits are awarded via a lottery followed by over-the-counter sales; the lottery application period is January February There is no lottery for the fall season.

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  5. Fall and Spring season information is found in the Hunting Digest on pages 14 and and below: Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information pdf, kb. Wild Turkey in New Jersey. Turkey Hunting Area Map.