Noethers Theorems: Applications in Mechanics and Field Theory

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VII, pp. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 17 :1, Pramana 77 :3, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 46 :5, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 12 :2, Journal of Geometry and Physics 61 :3, Chinese Physics B 20 :2, Chinese Physics B 19 :3, Proceedings - Mathematical Sciences :1, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications :1, Journal of Mathematical Physics 50 , Nonlinear Dynamics 58 , Nonlinear Dynamics 57 , Chinese Physics Letters 26 :3, International Journal of Theoretical Physics 47 , New Astronomy 13 :7, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 , Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications :2, Handbook of Global Analysis, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 15 :1, To solve the problem, she developed a novel theorem, applicable across all of physics, which relates conservation laws to continuous symmetries—one of the most important pieces of mathematical reasoning ever developed.

The first theorem relates symmetries under global spacetime transformations to the conservation of energy and momentum, and symmetry under global gauge transformations to charge conservation.

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In continuum mechanics and field theories, these conservation laws are expressed as equations of continuity. The second theorem, an extension of the first, allows transformations with local gauge invariance, and the equations of continuity acquire the covariant derivative characteristic of coupled matter-field systems.

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General relativity, it turns out, exhibits local gauge invariance. In Dwight E.

Novel developments in physics usually begin with a speculation. The speculation ranges from a prediction based on a simple hypothesis, right through to the development of models, narratives, and prototypes of myriad possibilities. Emmy Noether and her far-reaching scientific contribution to the theory of invariance are important for grounding the ontology by which speculative physics theories are able to take place; and for providing the platform for epistemological explorations.

The development of the theory of invariance resulted in paradigm-shifting implications in physics, from relativity to quantum field theory.

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In fact, without the mathematical developments that she had pioneered, many media-celebrated physical objects, such as the Higgs Boson, would have looked very different, or possibly not have been predicted in the way they were. Noether took the mathematical analytics of Euler, Lagrange, and Hamilton, and produced, from them, geometrical analytics that were sublimated and transformed through group theory and complex numbers.

These functionals rendered hitherto inexplicable physical phenomena logical through the development of new mathematical operators. Even as new developments in variational calculus have brought about short cuts for determining whether a particular mathematical embodiment of a physical action conforms to the symmetry of invariance and extremum representing geometrical paths of minimum or maximum points in the curves of a graph , the foundation of her work in itself remains unquestionable in its technical promise and application.

The symmetry is represented by a physical object, which, after rotation within the framework, could not be discerned as any different in terms of its positioning and physique.

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Among the functions used to describe the mathematical ontology of the object are dependent and independent variables, which play important roles in determining the level of perturbation the functions are able to endure, and therefore in shaping their constraints and contingencies. Through the process of rotation and transformation of spatial coordinates and the substitution of mathematical representations of the physical processes , the question asked becomes: has mathematics been normalized so that some order of terms can be cancelled or factored out of the equations?

The normalization of terms becomes a method of trimming the edges by coupling together the long-bit strings of spaghetti-like functionals, the folding in of terms to produce more elegant representations of equations then used to demonstrate whether the physical action under examination is feasible. This means that one has to consider the possibility of extrapolation from a single dimensional character to the multi-dimensional, requiring stripped-down and idealized entities that were used for testing the mathematics to be restored to their full-bodied version, then subjecting the rigorous proofs to the ultimate test of physical fit and fitness.

The study of such a development opens up a line of communication that extends into consideration of the development of a highly visual media culture that is layered over, and bound together, through the application of the algebra of Noether, and her successors, for organizing data structures and categories. The theorems also allow for the reconstitution of conservation laws and identities, the latter known as the equality between functions differently defined but all adding up to describe the same qualities and quantities.

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