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Upon completion of this program, students will not only acquire a broad and detailed knowledge in Medical Imaging which will help them become a Next Gen Radiologic Technologist, but will also have the opportunity to develop important practical skills in organising Radiology department. Chitkara University students complete their third-year internship at Fortis Hospital. Students will receive excellent and exhaustive training in relevant fields and be able to assist senior Radiologists.

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The completion of internship is mandatory to enable a student to obtain this Degree. A Radiologic Technologist, also known as Medical Radiation Technologist and as Radiographer, performs imaging of the human body for diagnosis or treating medical problems.

Nature of the work includes:. Sc Hospitality Administration B.

Sc Culinary Arts B. Pharma B. Pharma Practice Pharm. Physiotherapy B. Des Animation B. Des Game Design B. Des Visual Communication B.

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Arch B. Computer Science M. Construction Technology M. For more information give a miss call on. Mechanical Engineering M. An experiential, comprehensive program that focuses on various aspects of medical imaging technology and integrates classroom courses with a one year mandatory internship at Fortis Hospital. PROGRAM OVERVIEW Medical Imaging is the technique and process used to create images of the human body or parts and function thereof for clinical purposes medical procedures seeking to reveal, diagnose or examine disease or medical science including the study of normal anatomy and physiology.

Graduates can work as Imaging Technologists in Hospitals with Radio diagnostic facilities both in public and private sectors. Graduates can also take up teaching positions in educational institutions, in India and abroad, and pursue further research in the field of Medical Imaging Technology.

These simple procedures as well as those which require the use of contrast agents, make it possible to study organs that otherwise cannot be seen. Medical imaging is not just about taking radiographs, medical imaging technologists also explain procedures to patients and support patients through the radiological process. The interest in health technology and computer applications connected to it is necessary, in order to produce, process, transmit and store biomedical images, useful for protecting the health of citizens.

Successful post graduates of the course are hired in both government and private B. T or may pursue private practice. Following are some job profiles that are offered to B. Your email address will not be published. Apply Online Inquiry.

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Admission Helpline : , , , Agriculture B. Horticulture B. Forestry Engineering Courses B. Tech Computer Science B. Tech Information Technology B. Tech Mechanical Engineering B. Biotechnology M. EVS M. Zoology M. Sc Physics M. Medical Microbiology M. Pharma M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry M. Home Blog Details. College Jaankari on May 29, No Comments. Sc Food Technology B.

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Biotechnology -CBZ B. Agriculture M. Forestry M. Forestry B. Horticulture M. Medical Microbiology MM B. Optometry B. Pharma - Diploma in Pharmacy B. Pharma - Bachelor of Pharmacy B. Pharama Pharmacology - Master in Pharmacy M. Nursing M.

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Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery A. Tech Civil Engineering B. Master In Computer Application M. Botany M. Environmental Science M. Pharmaceutical Chemistry M. Microbiology M. Chemistry M. Mathematics M. Biochemistry M. Physics M. Soil Science M.

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