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How the armies of Manetheren came to avenge Caar and found the gates of Aridhol torn down, no living thing inside the walls, but something worse than death. Suspicion and hate had given birth to something that fed on that which created it, something locked in the bedrock on which the city stood. Mashadar waits still, hungering. He is after Rand. Unless he totally ignores his ability to sense Rand, and ignores his desire to kill him, then he might go re-establish Shadar Logoth, if he could.

So Habor is definately not following nature, but that doesn't point to Fain. Fain is basically all that's left of the essence of SL, maybe he can feel a pull to recreate it even stronger than his desire to kill Rand I know, that would have to be one hell of a pull, but think about it moreover, with SL destroyed, Fain's powers would start to wane, his character is too important for that, so I think RJ has gotta keep him powerful.

So Habor just doesn't feel right for the shadow. I am left with the feeling that Fain is at least partly responsible for the situation in So Habor. Certainly the dagger from SL didn't have any clear ties to it's origin. I think that RJ's idea of the evil of SL is not that it's tied to Aridhol, but rather that any small bit of it has the ability to corrupt and do the same elsewhere if given the task.

I agree that Fain may try to create a new Aridhol he was already underway in the White Tower, and in Amador but it's not necessarily him at work in So Habor, and what happens there bares little resemblance to any Shadar Logoth phenomena we've seen so far. Three Points 1- Ghosts are not the only problem in So Harbor.

The Grain is full of weevils even in the middle of Winter, for example. I don't think there is enough time for the corruption we see to have taken place. My thoughts are that the tower of Ghenjei might be roughly shaped like a knife I just don't see the tower being shaped a certain way being the reason. Fain has been seperate from Shadar Logoth since he went there. The dagger has been seperated from Shadar Logoth, since the Eye of the World. Has either waned?

Also, has Rand's wounds waned since the destruction of Shadar Logoth? By your logic, it should, since Fain is apparently wanning. They haven't. That's it. It has nothing to do with Fain. He would've killed Perrin on the spot if he was there he can sense Mat and Perrin to a small degree. Also, nothing overrides Fain's desire to kill Rand.

Absolutely nothing. Everything he has done, has either been a direct attack to Rand, or a plan to weaken him for Fain to attack him. Nothing else but killing Rand is on Fain's mind. A tower of metal. I have seen it close up, and I know. Shining steel, by the look and feel of it, but no a spot of rust.

Two hundred feet high, it be, as big around as a house, with no a mark on it and never an opening to be found. I don't think so. I don't have the quote, but somewhere in CoT Rand is thinking about the scar being less painful or something like that.

Fain hasn't grown any weaker since heleft Shadar Logoth, and the dagger hasn't either. Moiraine gives no indication that anything leaving Shadar Logoth would become less powerful. He almost pressed a hand to the old wounds in his side without thinking, then caught himself and changed the movement to buttoning up his coat.

One, at least, he hoped, would begin to heal with Shadar Logoth gone.

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Maybe there had just not been enough time yet for him to feel any difference. It was not the same side that Min had fisted - she was always gentle with that, if not always with the rest of him - but he thought he had kept the pain hidden from her.

Knife of Dreams

No point in giving her something more to worry over. The concern in her eyes, and in her head, must be about Cadsuane. Or the others. Another storm down out of the Spine of the World. The Dragonwall. He thought spring must be coming soon. Spring always came, eventually. Earlier here in Tear than back home, it should be, though there seemed little sign of it. Lightning forked silver-blue across the sky, and long moments passed before the peal of thunder. Distant lightning. However with SL destroyed, it wouldnt matter. More likely is that his power came from Mordeth's soul and the merging of Fain and Mordeth.

The destruction of SL wouldnt have an effect on his power since he doesnt require it. Therefore, Mordeth is the powerplant in your analogy not SL. IM H O this fits better with the infectious nature of the evil, and I've not yet noticed a quote to suggest the contrary.

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Boy, did we ever get off track! At least we haven't started arguing about Moiraine yet. Has anyone thought that maybe the title is just a saying or a metaphore? All the charaters has dreams, or hopes that something will happen. Why couldn't "Knife of Dreams" just mean that either one or all characters are going to be hurt in that their dreams, or hopes, will not come to pass or be hindered in some way. Look at the end of CoT. Egwene was captured by the white tower.

That is not a very good sign for the dreams of the rebel tower. There are also other revalations that occured in book 10 that will significally impact the progress of Rand and Company.

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In conclusion, I think you are all trying to place something physical on the title eg A crown of swords, eye of the world , but in my opinion it is going to be just a saying eg path of daggers, winter's heart, Crossroads of Twilight. If robert jordan puts "knife of dreams' as an angreal of some sort, or yet another object needed like the horn of valere, where has it been for 8 books? With only 2 more books left, I doubt that it would make for a good story, and people would probably see it as just a means to drag more into the story than is needed.

Let's face it.

All we need is everyone in the same place, and the seals broken and we have the books over and done with. Sometimes the name of RJ's books offers insight into who the enemy will be for the duration of the story.

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In "A Crown of Swords" one could easily deduce the main focus would be on Samael. Slayer uses the world of dreams to travel around and kill who he needs to kill Wouldn't it be logical to assume Slayer will play a huge role in the upcoming book? Also, might slayer not be the "face" Rand sometimes vaguely sees? Ewgene may enter T'A'R and start pulling people in against their will to attack them. She is told that it is evil, and put the poor victim at a great disadvantage, but she may use it to escape her captors.

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I tend to think that the title of the book will be more figurative in nature. Because unless that's a new an'greal or some such that they find, everything else is mostly figurative. All is in flux as established powers falter. In Caemlyn, Elayne fights to gain the Lion Throne while trying to avert civil war and Egwene finds that even the White Tower is no longer a place of safety. The winds of time have whirled into a storm, and Rand and his companions ride in the vortex. This small company must prevail against the trials of fate and fortune - or the Dark One will triumph and the world will be lost.

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