Intraoperative Irradiation: Techniques and Results

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References Publications referenced by this paper. Intraoperative radiotherapy versus external radiotherapy for early breast cancer ELIOT : a randomised controlled equivalence trial. Intra-operative radiotherapy of rectal cancer: results of the French multi-institutional randomized study. Intraoperative high-dose-rate radiotherapy in the management of locoregionally recurrent head and neck cancer. High-dose-rate intraoperative radiation therapy for recurrent head-and-neck cancer.


David J. Intraoperative radiation therapy for recurrent head-and-neck cancer: the UCSF experience. Combination of external-beam radiotherapy with intraoperative electron-beam therapy is effective in incompletely resected pediatric malignancies. With this technology, we sculpt radiation doses to match complex tumor shapes while avoiding sensitive structures.

Using built-in CT scanning to confirm the shape and position of the tumor before each treatment, TomoTherapy may reduce radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs.

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Before every treatment, scanning technology provides a 3D image of the treatment area, so the radiation beams can be targeted according to the size, shape and location of the tumor s on that specific day. Side effects are often reduced because less radiation reaches healthy tissues and organs. Many cancer patients who have reached their maximum tolerance dose of traditional radiation may be a candidate for TomoTherapy radiation.

Stereotactic radiation procedures: These procedures are designed to deliver, precise, highly concentrated doses of radiation to small areas in the body, allowing our radiation oncologists to reduce exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and limit the number of treatment sessions required.


Intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer patients: current perspectives

External beam radiation therapy is used to treat many cancer types , including some of the most common cancers:. Standard radiation therapy treatments may damage some healthy cells, often causing unpleasant side effects. The side effects of EBRT may vary depending on the length of treatment and the part of the body being treated.

How Intraoperative Radiation Therapy is Helping Colorectal Patients, with P. Ravi Kiran, MBBS

Side effects may include:. Evidence-informed therapies that may help manage the side effects of EBRT include:. Call us anytime. Outpatient Care Centers. Becoming a Patient.

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Call us anytime What is external beam radiation therapy? What should I expect during my external beam radiation therapy?

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For instance: You may be asked to change into a hospital gown for your therapy, so wear clothes that are easy to remove. If a hospital gown is not necessary, you still may be asked to expose the area being treated, so you should wear clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable.

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Do not wear jewelry. A mold of the part of the body that is being treated may be required to help keep you still during treatment. If you are undergoing radiation therapy to the head and neck area, you may be fitted for a mesh mask designed to keep your head from moving during treatment. Your skin may be marked with dots to identify the treatment area. These dots should remain on your skin for the duration of your treatment. If a mold or mask is required, it will also be marked.