Inside the Criminal Mind (Revised and Updated Edition)

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I was amazed at the lengths their parents went to in supporting their children and trying to get them 'help' for their actions. That help was rejected in most cases. Many times, it is reported that drugs led to criminal behavior, but these examples and the author's extensive study prove that drug abuse began prior to the criminal activity.

After reading this, I believe that no amount of intervention or punishment will stop a criminal until that person wants to change himself. It may give him better coping skills, but people will lie to cover their activity and say whatever the court system or psychologist or family member wants to hear in order to 'get out of trouble'. It's really scary to consider the number of people who walk the streets with us every day and have no desire to change their behavior.

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Inside The Criminal Mind Revised And Updated Edition

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Add to Cart. Product Highlights Stanton E. Throughout, we learn from Samenow's four decades of experience how truly vital it is to know who the criminal is and how he or she thinks differently. Only once equipped with that crucial understanding can we reach reasonable, compassionate, and effective solutions.

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Inside the criminal mind revised and updated edition pdf

From expert witness Dr. Samenow, a brilliant, no-nonsense profile of the criminal mind, updated to include new influences and effective methods for dealing with hardened criminals In , this groundbreaking book offered readers an illuminating window into the workings of the criminal mind and a revolutionary approach to "habilitation. The fields of criminal behavior have expanded, demanding another updated version, which includes an exploration of computers as a vehicle for criminal conduct; new drugs and pharmaceutical influences; exposure to the rawest forms of violence in video games, films, and television broadcasts; social media as an arena for illicit activities; and updated genetic and biological research into whether some people are "wired" to become criminals.

Customer Reviews. See all reviews. Write a review. Most helpful positive review. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. See more. Most helpful negative review. Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. DNF - I couldn't finish this, I just got so bored. There was nothing wrong with the writing or the material; it just seemed such common sense to me. He just repeatedly over and over explains how criminals are the way they are because of, to put it simply, personality and neurological reasons, though it's more complicated than that. The book is to drum into people's minds that a criminal does not become a "bad" person because someone wrecked his life, nurture does not a criminal make.

I guess some need to be told this, to me it's just common sense and got boring reading over and over. This criminal mindset is the basic philosophy of all people who commit crimes be it stealing an old ladies purse to mass shootings.

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Samenow writes other books that follow and expand on the ideas in this book based upon decades of studying and researching criminals from the bluecollar who pillages a retirement fund to serial killers. This book helps ethical people to change their perspective and to understand that the criminal in not crazy, that no matter what tactic is used by the criminal to avoid responsibility their goal was always to exploit others to feed their bottomless pit of everything is about me. These criminals are always on the con and being as they have an entitlement attitude they do not believe that they bad people so they do not see why they need to change.

Samenow explains that the thinking and attitude of the criminal must change before the behaviors will and that is why most criminals find no incentive to change; why should they change when most of the time their manipulations work for them.

Samenow convincingly proves that from parents who coddle their abusive children to courts that give mere slaps on the hand as consequences for crimes committed , we as a society need to change on multiple fronts to change the Criminal Mind. Extremely helpful and up to date. I highly recommend this book to anguished parents who are trying to cope with their adult child's aberrant behavior. One of the best books out there. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I will re-read it for sure.

As soon as I finished the book I immediately started it again! This will change your thinking about criminals! I love this stuff.. Well read, some great information. I have NOT tagged as finished as this is a great reference book I need the hard copy now!! Maybe if it was more limited on its scope. I understand Samenow's approach to what causes crime, especially after decades of being exposed to criminals.

However, he is quick to dismiss things out of his personal experiences when research supports those things. If he sticks to his own research and doesn't try to poorly attack others, I think I would. What was your reaction to the ending? No spoilers please! It was his and Yokelson's research and experiences.

Revised and Updated Edition

Did the narration match the pace of the story? Yes, but the narrator quickly became a huge distraction when quoting things inmates say. Every inmate had the same annoyed whiny voice that was quite distracting. Who should the stars be? Absolutely not.

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Any additional comments? Overall I think most of what he has discovered is absolutely fantastic in terms of research into criminal behavior. However, there are some large issues I have with this book: He quickly and selectively dismisses many, or all other, criminology theories of crime. It is really hard to dismiss those theories since they have all gone through much research and study, not to mention have been replicated numerous times as well.

Those did not come from some yahoo in his basement who wanted an excuse for crime, they came from highly educated and experienced people who genuinely found more than just correlations. He also appears to trivialize certain things, such as terrorism and those who possess child pornography suggests those who only possess child pornography be paroled and not jailed when they actually contribute to the more serious crimes being committed to get the pornography.

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Not really sure why he gets involved this much into the criminal justice system when he is a psychologist.