Empire, Power and Indigenous Elites: A Case Study of the Nehemiah Memoir

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Among other places, he considered Argentina, with its abundance of free land, natural resources, and good climate. Later, he also considered the British protectorate of Uganda in East Africa, which was politically convenient. Initially, he thought Palestine inappropriate owing to its lack of resources and harsh climate. However, as Herzl grew closer to his fellow Jews, he discovered the sentimental and symbolic appeal of Jerusalem and Eretz Israel, which most Jews continued to regard as their fatherland.

Backed by a noted scholar of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah , Abraham Nathan Ben Elisha Haim Ashkenazi, Shabbtai Zvi managed to provoke mass hysteria among hundreds of thousands of Jews, from the territories of the Ottoman Empire to Poland and eastern and western Europe, by proclaiming the Day of Redemption to be June 18, Despite the opposition of several rabbis, Jews were ready to march as a mighty army and restore the godly kingdom of David on earth. The affair was an enormous disaster and has remained traumatic in Jewish collective memory.

Nonetheless, the hope for the coming of the messiah has never ceased. In , Jacob Frank, a Polish cloth dealer, declared himself to be the reincarnation of Shabbtai Zvi and the messiah. More recently, a similar phenomenon broke out among the followers of the late Brooklyn Hassidic Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. The supposed redemption is linked with a miraculous inclusion of Greater Israel i. He concentrated his efforts in three main directions. First and foremost, he raised financial support for the establishment of a national loan fund from great Jewish bankers and philanthropists such as Maurice de Hirsch and the Rothschild family.

Second, but no less important, he garnered political support and recognition by the great world powers of the right of the Jewish people to establish a national commonwealth in Palestine. Third, he organized the spread of Jewish associations and individuals who shared Zionist views into a viable political and social movement. In this, Herzl argued that assimilation was not a cure, but rather a disease of the Jews.

The Jewish people needed to reestablish their own patrimony, with well-to-do western European Jews financing the proletarian Jews threatened by pogroms in Eastern Europe. In the state of the Jews, everyone would be equal before the law, free in his faith or disbelief, and enjoy mild social security rights, regardless of his nationality.

Yes, we can debate the religious and political aspects of Zionism, but nobody will ever, ever say that material gain or power was involved. And in fact, it is very obvious to all that the only question is how much our religion requires us to sacrifice for the good of Palestine! There can be no question that Zionism can be motivated by ordinary motives of gain! So I can hold my head up proud, when a discussion of this type takes place here! Manipulating Jews with their own religiousness? Using Jewish traditions as propaganda?

As BDS bites and the US sends more messages to Israel , such as the one from Obama re the Boycott of illegal settler products and the Palestinians pursue Statehood at the UN and charges against Israel,s leaders at the ICC , the whole zionist project will fall apart from within as they begin to point fingers at each other and internal squabbles increase.

The only problem is what will these madmen do under such circumstances, given they have their fingers on plus nukes. In othet words dna as a metaphor for somthing etched in jewish identity.. Beyond that it can be quite variable. But it always pays off. There you go Ms. From Jewish innate disloyalty to a DNA which is different from other humans.

Fascinating stuff though. It makes me wonder whether any of us are whatever it is we think we are. My dear Ms. Froggy, my life may not be all oojah-cum-spiff ,I may not reside entirely on velvet, and often end up to the neck-bone in the mulligatawny , but still, I think I can asseverate in all honesty that I have been spared that conundrum. Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling that poor old Tribal Unity is going to get another beating. I often wonder why she hangs around to be treated like that.

But none of those countries presumes to be a light unto the nations or presents itself as an exemplar for the entire world. Moreover, it has done so on the strength of a divine order inscribed in the Bible. This is the source of the spreading anti-Israel sentiment among the educated classes of Europe and the United States — this, and not any age-old hatred of Jews. In the eyes of large segments of Western society, a country that views colonialism as a desirable situation is an anachronism that is destined to disappear. The entire country knew the truth and it was reported to UN headquarters in New York by observers stationed here.

But official Israel stuck to the big lie. And the end goal of Judenfrei morphed into getting rid of the Palestinians? Israel does little to nothing for its poor, including the few survivors of the Holocaust who are used and abused by the PTB. I do not think so. Nazi analogies evoke Goodwin law, and indeed, the history is much richer than that. After terrible XVII century, Europeans started to think about better ways than mass slaughter, largely justified by religion, and that lead to Enlightenment. But colonialism, accompanied with mass slaughter, slave trade etc.

The first genocide of XX century to my limited knowledge affected Hereros who stood in the path of progress in German South West Africa today, Namibia. But exploits of Congo Free State perhaps top oxymoron in history some decade prior were much worse. Clearly, the concept of Lebensraum was basically the envy of successful colonialist states. Balfour Declaration was made five years after South African Act that allowed to formalize the Apartheid and the invention of concentration camps. If you want to find sociologically useful analogies, I recommend the evolution of Southern states in years preceding Civil War.

Democracy, oligarchy, intolerance sometimes murderous , and, of course, the subjugation. Yet it started on high intellectual note, as you can see from the record of the Founding Fathers from Virginia etc. But it was more general Zeitgeist. Frequently the bulk of the indigenous populations were massacred, the remainder were segregated, persecuted, and their culture or way of life was destroyed. The tactics employed to displace the indigenous populations and acquire territory are very similar in every case:.

He was the first person in Israeli history to be raised to the rank of Major-General after retirement. In many cases the white settlers pursued a living from hunting and fishing, just like their predecessors, but were portrayed as being more civilized or industrious than Native Americans. Officials quite openly admitted the desire to either exterminate them or force them to give up their way of life, and be interned on reservations where they would be required to adopt a new way of life. See Ulysses S. The annexation and Judiazation of Palestinian territory has been accomplished through the same methods of forced eviction, deportation, or confinement in small ethnic enclaves as a result of frequent lightning-style military strikes or incremental accession during prolonged invasions and occupation, followed by the imposition of policies and practices of racial segregation and persecution — including all of the constituent acts of apartheid listed in Article II of the UN Convention.

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These similarities are no accident. Count 3 of the Nuremberg Indictment, i. The defendants endeavored to obliterate the former national character of these territories. In pursuance of these plans and endeavors, the defendants forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and introduced thousands of German colonists. Speaking of colonialism, Greece has just struck a blow for national independence from European colonialists. I always appreciate your comments here, and find you are seldom remiss. The terms can be confusing for anyone. The Greek people have much more in common with the Palestinians than is assumed from the outside.

After all, they had to continue WWII by waging civil war against the local Nazis and collaborators, an especially bloody civil war started by the British who had allied themselves with the Nazis —even before the end of the war. Then the US took over from the British. And it is going on…. And so does GOP. In the struggle between civilized Germans and savage Herero, should we stand with the Germans?

Weizmann was buddy-buddy with Smuts and Cecil Rhodes; he provided what was to develop later the Apartheid system etc. He focused on West Bank Christians known to be critical of Israel, and likely to toe the party line because their identities were not shielded. He also refused to allow a full Israeli response, and then disingenuously edited what Oren said. What did you think of it? Is he going to win friends and influence people among American Jews? Also, you sound like you have first-hand experience with the effort to censor Bob Simon? Do you work at CBS, or have some other connection?

Are you good friends with Michael Oren? I read it. Oren claims to have spoken to Simon for over an hour and a half. Lara Logan did eventually cover the ethnic cleansing of Christians by IS for 60 Minutes, albeit after it was essentially completed. One wonders whether more could have been done had Bob Simon done so in What a load of platitudinous crap. There are a large number of Americans who are clueless on virtually every subject, so that means nothing. I know a person who thought you needed a passport to go to New Mexico. But among those who do know something about the outside world, yeah, I think almost everyone knows that Christians are persecuted in much of the world.

When I was a kid this was taken for granted—just as Jews might be taught about the long history of anti-semitism, or so I gather, Christians are often raised on a diet of how Christians or their particular variant are persecuted. When I was young it was mostly about the communists, but if you ever bother to read Christian magazines you will constantly see articles about Islam and threats to Christians.

Christian magazines on the right love that kind of story, the ones where Christians are the victims persecuted for their faith. It seems to upset you and Oren that they say anything at all. Also,contrary to popular belief, even in Gaza there are some people who run human rights organizations that criticize Hamas. So do you think Christians in Gaza would not be critical of Israel?

And do you think people in the U. And while we are at it, would Palestinian citizens of Israel feel completely safe criticizing Israel to a foreign news group? Would they feel any pressure? You seem to be under the misguided assumption that Christians in Israel and Gaza would not be critical of Israel, as if they are not Palestinians and have known nothing but hardship from Israel. Your claim to caring about Iraqi Christians is disingenuous and transparent.

If you truly cared for the Christians living under Israeli control then you should be happy that their hardship is exposed so it can perhaps get a modicum of attention. But all you care about is the reputation of your beloved state. Good thing the internet exists. And good thing we have long memories. Memories you have tried to eradicate for over 68 years. Unsuccessfully, I might add. And no, not everything was out.

It was an opportunity to put their distress on the agenda. In Iraq, Syria and Egypt, churches are torched and Christians are slaughtered over their religion as a matter of routine. In some parts of Syria the Islamic Sharia laws have been applied, Christians are forbidden to conduct ritual ceremonies in public and special taxes have been imposed on them. Comparing between the situation of Christians in Israel and the situation of their brothers in the Middle East is populist and shameful. There are some , Christians in Israel, 1. A minority of a minority, exposed to waves of hatred.

How can anyone forget the image of Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari ripping the pages of the New Testament at the Knesset and throwing them into the garbage while uttering harsh words of incitement? In the Old City of Jerusalem, religious Jews spit on monks, and in Christian cemeteries gravestones are shattered. Death threats are sent to bishops and heads of Christian communities. Dozens of hate crimes — and the authorities stand idly by, apart from a few words of condemnation to do the minimum.

A priest who wishes to stay in Israel in order to serve in one of the Christian communities will be forced to undergo a humiliating via dolorosa on the part of the authorities until he receives the stay permit, if at all. The Christian schools that have existed in this country for centuries, in which generations of Christians, Muslims and Jews have been educated, are suffering from discrimination in the form of significantly low budgets compared to the state schools and a lack of Christian supervisors.

In addition, their identity, nature and the autonomy they have always enjoyed are constantly undermined. If all it comes down to is ceremonies, then it was an unnecessary visit. If, on the other hand, the visit serves as a catalyst for a discussion on the acute issues related to the Christians in Israel and on the way to handle them, it will be a blessing for everyone. Thanks for this excellent report. The fundamentalist Christian preachers in America need to include some of these facts in their sermons about Israel. JWalters : Everybody ought to read it, along with the comments at the bottom of the page.

It only goes to show that the religious hatred they showed for the Jews was similar to how they treated one another. Its really quite bland, and repeats the falsity that the Separation Wall was responsible for the end of suicide attacks in Israel; it also edited out the Christian call in the Kairos Document for the boycott of Israeli goods although that is available as an extra on the website and it gets into very few specifics. There is no interview with Palestinian Christians in Nazareth, but besides Oren assuring us that Israel cares deeply for its Christian citizens, and Ari Shavit doing similar, its likely that by Oren inserting himself into the segment he took time away from the report that could have been used to actually hear from Christians in Israel, who are themselves discriminated against despite their citizenship.

I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador. They usually do 3 or 4 stories each program and that particular story was about 15 minutes long. And Oren thinks that his hour and a half interview should have been aired in its entirety? What a narcissist. In a Middle East region that continues to suffer from the consequences of violence, the people of Palestine continue to live under occupation and in exile.

Palestinian Christians, the descendants of the first Christians, are an integral part of the Palestinian people, continue to suffer, just like our Palestinian Muslim and Samaritan brothers and sisters, we have been denied of our national and human rights for almost a century. From Jerusalem, our occupied capital, we send our urgent message to the whole world and particularly to Europe: We are yearning for justice and peace. We have persevered through 66 years of exile and 47 years of occupation, holding on to the message of peace of Our Lord.

We are waiting for the day that our churches will ring celebrating freedom and justice. Christians have a duty to resist oppression. We believe the international community and particularly Europe has not done enough in order to achieve a just and lasting peace. You cannot continue holding our right to freedom and self-determination as an Israeli prerogative.

We have a natural right to be free and Europe has a moral, legal and political duty to hold Israel accountable and support Palestinian non-violent initiatives to end the Israeli occupation, including the recognition of the State of Palestine on the border with East Jerusalem as its capital. Until when will you allow that the prospects of peace will continue to be destroyed by Israeli colonization? Until when should we be allowed to be treated as foreigners in our own homeland? Ending Israeli occupation is the only way for Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, to enjoy a life of prosperity and progress.

It is also the surest way to secure continued Christian presence in this, our Holy Land, and to grant Israel the security that it continues to demand. Without Justice there can be no peace nor security. It is time for Europe to understand that the only way to defeat extremism and terrorism in our region is to bring justice for all, starting by ending the historic injustice inflicted against the Palestinian people, an open wound that continues to bleed as the hopes for an independent Palestinian state are more elusive due to the expansion of Israeli settlements and the many restrictions imposed on our own people, including forced displacement.

In our Kairos document, we Palestinian Christians declare that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is a sin against God and humanity because it deprives Palestinians of their basic human rights, bestowed by God. We believe that recognizing the State of Palestine on the border is the first step towards changing the current status quo. Banning settlement products and divesting from companies and organizations linked directly or indirectly to the Israeli occupation is also a must.

That is why we call upon European governments to fully endorse the just Palestinian quest for freedom and independence. The international community, and particularly Europe, have a historic responsibility towards the rights of the Palestinian People. Europe has long championed the values of peace and human rights. Now, Europe can reflect this principled position by helping Palestine. From the Holy Land, we call on you to take this principled position to recognize the State of Palestine and to abide by your legal responsibilities towards a nation under occupation, in order to be able to celebrate justice and peace in the land of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

I mean, could the message be any clearer? Why do you, Hophmi, remain in denial??

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You are vulnerable on this point and its about time you gave some consideration to other vulnerable points in your acculturated philosophy. What does israel have to hide??? They have lots to hide. They want the US press to keep portraying them as victims, and to make those they occupy, look like the criminals.

It has been successful so far. Oren, is just like the rest of the zionists, they whine and try to intimidate everyone they can, so that they can get their way. Bob Simon is one of the very rare journalists who are courageous enough to stand up to this nonsense. Media, media, media. The kissing up has started. Hillary joins the loyalty and devotion club.

Does this mean more aid, weapons, support, and okaying massacres in Gaza? Nothing changes in US politics. Our political campaign finance system rings the death knell for US sovereignty and best values. All three branches and the Fourth Estate, main media, work towards this scenario daily, with no end in sight. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. Bob Simon. Posted In: Opinion. Log in to Reply. Keep it coming and thank you, James! Give us all the information that we need to fully apply BDS! Citizen on July 5, , am. JWalters on July 7, , pm.

JLewisDickerson on July 2, , pm. Mooser on July 2, , pm. Hostage on July 3, , am. Mooser on July 3, , pm. Mooser on July 10, , am. Mooser on July 4, , pm. Shmuel on July 2, , pm. Great analysis, James. James North on July 2, , pm. Hi James. DaBakr on July 5, , pm. Shmuel on July 3, , pm. Hostage on July 3, , pm. RoHa on July 3, , pm. What are they waiting for? James North on July 3, , pm.

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Kris on July 3, , pm. In other words, take away Birthright, and the statistics would shift. Why are Zionist propagandists so utterly devoid of any intelligence? Shmuel on July 4, , am. Yonah, I think there are two basic facets to traditional Jewish attitudes to the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, with varying degrees of other-worldliness: one, redemption — the extra-historical Kingdom of Heaven; and the other an immediate although generally distant , idealised place of immense spiritual power and proximity to the divine — eliciting feelings of longing not entirely separate from the longing for redemption , love, awe and religious devotion.

Hostage on July 4, , am. The book of Lamentations, the central liturgical text of the 9th of Av, thus concludes: RoHa on July 4, , am. Mooser on July 6, , pm. WH on July 2, , pm. Shmuel on July 4, , pm. Froggy on July 7, , am. Shmuel, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Mooser on July 5, , pm. Scott on July 2, , pm. MRW on July 3, , pm. India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Paraguay and Macedonia abstained.

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Shame on the US. Bumblebye on July 4, , pm. You are an anti-semite! Jon, The connections to Eretz Yisrael were always there — and were always theocentric, in the 2 ways I have outlined. The connections to Eretz Yisrael were always there — but not in the way you suggest. MRW on July 4, , pm. Hostage on July 5, , am. Shmuel on July 5, , am. Sibiriak on July 5, , am.

Scott Galloway: Prof G reresadiqy.tk Against Humanity

Sibiriak on July 5, , pm. RoHa on July 4, , pm. How do these metaphors rebut the claim that the Zionists were alien invaders? What happens with converts? Mooser on July 7, , am. Froggy on July 7, , pm. Mooser on July 7, , pm. Laurence F. Wilmot, M. Dana R. Wright and John D.

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