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If the violation is by the defense while the ball is in play, the offensive team retains possession of the ball on the sideline nearest the spot of the violation but no nearer the baseline than the foul line extended.

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If the violation or foul occurs prior to the ball being legally tapped, neither the game clock or shot clock shall be started. In a above, if there is a violation by each team, or if the official makes a bad toss, the toss shall be repeated with the same jumpers.

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Allowance may be made for a player who, having been in this area for less than three seconds, is in the act of shooting at the end of the third second. Under these conditions, the 3-second count is discontinued while his continuous motion is toward the basket. If that continuous motion ceases, the previous 3-second count is continued.

This is also true if it is imminent the offensive player will exit this area. No violation can occur if the ball is batted away by an opponent. The ball is awarded to the opposing team on the sideline at the free throw line extended. Any defensive player, who is positioned in the foot lane or the area extending 4 feet past the lane endline, must be actively guarding an opponent within three seconds. Any defensive player may play any offensive player. The defenders may double-team any player.

The defensive three-second count is suspended when: 1 a player is in the act of shooting, 2 there is a loss of team control, 3 the defender is actively guarding an opponent, 4 the defender completely clears the foot lane or 5 it is imminent the defender will become legal.

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If the defender is guarding the player with the ball, he may be located in the foot lane. If another defender actively guards the player with the ball, the original defender must actively guard an opponent or exit the foot lane.


Once the offensive player passes the ball, the defender must actively guard an opponent or exit the foot lane. The offensive team retains possession on the sideline at the free throw line extended nearest the point of interruption.

The shot clock shall remain the same as when play was interrupted or reset to 14 seconds, whichever is greater. If a violation is whistled during a successful field goal attempt, the violation shall be ignored and play shall resume as after any successful basket. EXCEPTION 1 : A new 8 seconds is awarded if the defense: 1 kicks or punches the ball, 2 is assessed a personal or technical foul, or 3 is issued a delay of game warning.

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EXCEPTION 2 : A new 8 seconds is awarded: 1 if play is suspended to administer Comments on the Rules—N—Infection Control, 2 when a team gains control of a jump ball in the backcourt, or 3 during a frontcourt throw-in into the backcourt in the last two minutes of the fourth and last two minutes of any overtime period. The ball is awarded to the opposing team at the midcourt line. Section IX—Ball in Backcourt A player shall not be the first to touch a ball which he or a teammate caused to go from frontcourt to backcourt while his team was in control of the ball.

mail.amandasleep.com/cooking-up-trouble.php During a jump ball, a try for a goal, or a situation in which a player taps the ball away from a congested area, as during rebounding, in an attempt to get the ball out where player control may be secured, the ball is not in control of either team. Hence, the restriction on first touching does not apply. The ball is awarded to the opposing team on the sideline, near- est the spot of the violation but no nearer the baseline than the foul line extended. Section XI—Entering Basket From Below A player shall not be the last to touch a ball which rises above the rim level within the cylinder from below.

Section XII—Illegal Assist in Scoring A player may not assist himself in an attempt to score by using any part of the rim, net, backboard or basket support to lift, hold or raise himself.

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A player may not assist a teammate to gain height while attempting to score. Section XIII—Traveling A player who receives the ball while standing still may pivot, using either foot as the pivot foot. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball.

A player who receives the ball while he is progressing must release the ball to start his dribble before his second step. The first step occurs when a foot, or both feet, touch the floor after gaining control of the ball. The second step occurs after the first step when the other foot touches the floor, or both feet touch the floor simultaneously. A player who comes to a stop on step one when both feet are on the floor or touch the floor simultaneously may pivot using either foot as his pivot. If he jumps with both feet he must release the ball before either foot touches the floor.

A player who lands with one foot first may only pivot using that foot.

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